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Meet Leslee 

How I became a sought-after Safety & Mental Wellness Architect.

Let me be straight here. Everything about the construction industry fascinates me. 

Born to help, it was the construction industry that ended up saving my life. In all honesty, I didn't choose health and safety. It chose me. When I began in this industry, my focus was on patching people up and sending them back into the battlefield we call work. At some point, things shifted for me; a quote from the movie 'Robots' kept circling in my head "See a need, fill a need." The frequency of mental health issues within construction is alarming- with one in five construction workers reporting struggles with mental health issues. Apart from the odd EAP, there was zero support for mental health, not even a random wellness newsletter!

I saw the need. I discovered how to fill the need for mentally safe worksites.

A mental health advocate at my core, it was the construction industry where I found my true calling. Working in this industry not only takes its toll physically, but it also takes it mentally. By confronting the elephant of mental health onsite, I have discovered that I have improved morale, leading to a reduction in incidents. I want to think I have one of the most extraordinary careers in the world! You can find me with my boots laced up out in the field, working alongside some incredibly talented individuals. I manage frustration respectfully, educate, navigate change, innovate, lead by example, reduce incidents, and improve communication; I am an excellent health and safety advisor.

Life is an experiment and self-care comes in many forms; when I'm not on-site, you can find me in the kitchen recharging and relaxing with my girls. With the tunes bangin', we get lost in the zone, and next thing you know, we have created our favourite lasagna from scratch. I love the chaos being the mother of 3 young women brings; it keeps me young, healthy and motivated to change the way people perceive mental health!

I am passionate about supporting healthier environments within the construction industry and I can’t do it alone. I would love to connect if you are:


  • A leader in the industrial sector

  • A heart-led health and safety manager

  • An owner of an innovative Construction Company or

  • Someone who has been affected by mental health in the workplace

My belief?
When done properly safety professionals are there to support and advise, not police and reprimand.

With so many choices in safety to specialize in, I was surprised no one was actively pursuing mental health. In fact, I found quite the opposite. I remember many times in my career being told I was overly 'emotional'. Let's not confuse being 'emotional' with being 'human'. 

You cannot do kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late. 

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

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Burnaby, BC


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