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More than a program, a system of support that saves lives.


Help is available and attainable.

National Crisis Lifeline
1 800 273 8255

Drug & Alcohol Helpline
1 800 565 8603

Domestic Abuse Crisis Line
1 877 977 0007

1 866 639 0522

An E-book by Humanology Partners on ways to check-in

on someone who needs mental health support. 

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construction site work

12 Construction workers die by suicide each month.

Science-backed, The Mental Health Mentorship Program is the success plan employers are looking for.
Built-in support to take the load off of line management. 

Construction Sites
Leslee Montgomery

Leslee Montgomery,
Founder & CEO 
Humanology Partners

A Professional Counselor and Health & Safety Specialist with over 15 years experience supporting the construction industry. Her ability to approach projects through a mental health lens has led to improved working environments from the C-Suite to the field.

Construction Sites
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