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Building Resilience: A Toolbox for Trades - Nurturing Mental Fitness in the Construction Zone

This transformative workshop is designed to empower construction professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to recognize the signs of distress in their colleagues, promote open conversations about mental health, and ultimately contribute to a safer and more supportive work environment. The session is crafted by mental health experts, industry professionals, and advocates, ensuring a comprehensive and industry-specific approach.


In person / Virtual

Who should attend

Construction professionals,

Project managers

Supervisors and team leaders

Anyone working in a high-stakes and demanding construction environment

Title: Building Hope: A Suicide Awareness Workshop for the Construction Industry


In the bustling world of construction, where resilience and strength are celebrated virtues, it's crucial to acknowledge the mental health challenges that workers may face. "Building Hope," a groundbreaking Suicide Awareness Workshop tailored for the construction industry, aims to foster a culture of compassion, support, and mental well-being.


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