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Hey, I'm Leslee is Awesome

Providing mental health safety guidance in the construction industry is a crucial aspect of ensuring the well-being of workers and creating a positive work environment. By prioritizing mental health and safety, we can not only improve the lives of workers but also increase productivity and efficiency on the job site. 

My Story

Having grappled with her own mental health challenges early in her construction career, Leslee understands the unique struggles faced by tradespeople. Her compassionate and authentic approach enables her to address difficult topics honestly. With years of experience in her steel toes, Leslee possesses the credibility to challenge the mental health stigma in the trades.


Recognizing the profound impact of mental health challenges on individuals, affecting both personal well-being and professional lives, Leslee is equipped to guide teams through techniques for immediate improvements. Her interventions aim to reshape thought patterns, behaviours, and emotions ultimately enhancing life satisfaction both personally and professionally. mitigating the risk of future issues.

Awesome Speaker

Listen, worksites can be dangerous, I know. I've been a health and safety advisor in the industry since 2007.

I've seen things, not good things, things that could have been prevented. Lives that could have been saved.

Your work is important, You're important.

Here's the thing though,

As important as safety is, the mental well-being of everyone on the job site is too!

And that's where I come in.

I want to ensure that your job gets done right, on time, and on budget and NOT COST LIVES. Even if no life is taken physically, there is still a high mental game at play: the one that no one sees, but experiences.

Allow me to shine a light on what's happening and create better relationships, work environments and a better existence overall.

When is Leslee the solution

  • You need to bring awareness to mental health issues, reduce the stigma around mental illness, and increase supportive conversations

  • You are aware of mental health challenges within your team

  • You want to increase the effectiveness of your leaders in identifying mental health issues within their team and build skills around holding supportive conversations

  • You want to emphasize the importance of mental health awareness within your team or organizational event

Programs range from lunch 'n' learns to full-days. Webinar options are available in shorter chunks.

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