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Constructing Calm: Tactics for Crushing Anger on the Jobsite

In the dynamic world of construction managing stress and anger is essential for managing and maintaining a productive work environment. Constructing Calm is a specialized workshop designed to equip construction professionals with practical tactics for effectively dealing with anger on the job site.


In person / Virtual

Who should attend

Construction professionals,

Project managers

Supervisors and team leaders

Anyone working in a high-stakes and demanding construction environment

Title: Constructing Calm: Tactics for Crushing Anger on the Job Site.


Anger in the workplace can have detrimental effects on both physical and mental health and is a contributing factor to high employee turnover rates. This session will delve into the root causes of workplace anger and equip participants with practical strategies to mitigate or eliminate it on their job sites. 


Understand the consequences of anger on relationships, employment, and health.

When to avoid rather than confront an issue.

How to improve legitimate expressions of anger.

Tactics for personal de-escalation

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